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Programs and Events
  Who Likes To Read
  Each year, in honour of Public Library Week, members from the community are selected to read to the classes at Johnson Tarbutt Central School and Arthur Henderson Public School. This event promotes literacy through individuals who are not necessarily associated with reading such as the hairdresser, the bus driver, the police officer etc.  Both the classes and the chosen readers enjoy this experience.

  Class Visits
  Classes from Arthur Henderson Public School come to the library for a story reading session and to select books monthly. Parents are welcome to accompany the classes.

  Halloween Party
  Each year, during the Halloween season, the library presents an evening of scary fun and excitement.  Children age five and up, listen to spooky stories and participate in gypsy fortune telling, Halloween crafts and games.  This program has become a Halloween tradition for many families in the area. 

  Santa Reads

Each year, the first week of December, Santa Claus comes to the library to read stories to the children. After the stories, the children have their pictures taken with Santa and he even reads some of their Christmas letters.

For information on our programs and events call the Library at 785-3370 or email us at bmpa@ontera.net.

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